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we are what we want

we don't do ordinary

unico milano is for everyone used to looking beyond: behind a product unico milano, beyond the ordinary and discovering the true essence of things.

it means truly being oneself. furnishing one's own home according to one's own vision of things is not for everyone, it is for extraordinary people. however, we believe that this extraordinariness is within everyone and we want to make it implode in homes all over the world.

we help each person express their uniqueness in their own home, going beyond the ordinary and discovering the true essence of things.


we create minimal, functional and never mundane furniture products inspired by the beauty and shapes of the world. to express yourself in your home, to live it the way you want.


that of our products, but above all that of authentic people who always know how to look at their homes, the world and people with new eyes.


we evolve while always remaining ourselves. we travel and tell cities in new ways through our products.


of diversity, of the amiable juxtaposition of basic shapes and colors. that of your home, furnished as you are.


we are digital, always connected and close to those who choose our products.


home & living is the thing that makes our hearts beat, like the idea of ​​having a unique product in every city in the world.


we spread a unique way of home living, inspired by the greatness of geniuses and visionaries who had the courage to change things.


we are inspired by the beauty of the world.

that's why our products bear the names of extraordinary cities. that's why they are not born in milan or italy: they are children of a globalized world, sourced from suppliers around the world who share our way of doing things.

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if you are one of us, there is a place to be together.

our instagram page is a space designed to inspire and share a way of understanding home living that is out of the ordinary, because it tells a unique story, that of the home into which a product enters unico milano.